Apr 19

Presskit of the Week: Erica Derrickson

Our next Presskit of the Week has been chosen!

Click around Erica Derrickson’s Presskit embedded below and then scroll down to learn more and see what drives her!

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Erica Derrickson is an award-winning actress, photographer, and catalyst of the New England actors’ circle, Hollywood East. Founder of the Hollywood East Actors Group, Erica strives to not only further her own career, but cultivate the growing community around her and advance the careers of her peers.

"What drives me is the desire to live a life that I choose for myself, a life where I spend my time chasing my passions and doing what I want to do rather than what I’m told to do. I’m not here to settle or accept the status quo. I’m not here to get a job. I’m here to make my own job. To create the life I want for myself and to inspire others by my example. I know that I need to hustle to survive and I’m okay to do the work necessary to be independent because I would rather work my butt off to build my dreams than those of someone else."

Explore what’s going on with Erica by checking out the Presskit above!

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Written by Steph Smith

Apr 08

VIDEO: David of Big D & The Kids Table talks with

Our CEO Ben sat down with old friend and Big D & The Kids Table frontman, David McWane, for the first of our monthly features to talk about what’s going on with the band and explore key lessons that David’s learned over his 18-year-and-counting career on the road.

(Read the Big D weekly feature along with other Gray Steel weekly picks on the Blog.)

Sparked from the idea of spreading knowledge of the industry to younger bands, the newest release from Big D released in March 2014 is "Built Up From Nothing" an expansive documentary and collection of video footage and music that follows Big D since their beginning 18 years ago.

Check out the video below to hear David talk about Big D’s experience with Warped Tour, planning an international tour, and how having one simple link changed the way they work as a band.


"Built Up From Nothing" is out now on Silver Sprocket. Click Here to get it!

Written by Steph Smith

Mar 21

Presskit of the Week: First To Fall

This is the fifth week we’re featuring awesome users that rep their projects and our new theme, Gray Steel, the best! Each week, we ask these talented creators one question: “What Drives You?”

Explore this striking Presskit and check out the trailer for the documentary, First To Fall embedded below and then scroll down to see what drives director Rachel Beth Anderson!

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First to Fall follows the incredible journey of Hamid and Tarek, two Libyan friends who travel from Canada back to their homeland to take part in the revolution against Dictator Muammar Gaddafi. This intimate documentary is the directorial debut of cinematographer Rachel Beth Anderson, who will head with her team this upcoming week to London for their UK premier at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, and to Touquet, France for the International Current Affairs and Society Documentary Film Festival.

"Each adventure yields greater understanding of the power and responsibility of visual media"

Read what drives Rachel’s passion below:

"My inspiration to work as a filmmaker, and spend the last three years focusing on First to Fall, stemmed from my time living and working in the Middle East as a journalist. My passion was fueled by creating a film that would break stereotypes and create an understanding of a culture I very much appreciate by using compelling, personable characters, as well as my own aesthetic as a female cinematographer and director. My goal is always to find a way to allow audiences to connect to a story on a personal level that is far away from their daily life, so that someone from my hometown in North Dakota may be able to understand the journey of a young revolutionary on the Libyan front lines.

I continue to be inspired as an artist by the people I meet while traveling and working around the world. So often I’ve found myself in places where the daily life of individuals is incredibly challenging, yet they continue to exist with a level of humility and strength I could never fathom. To meet someone whose backyard has turned into an active frontline and hear their stories of adversity was the main reason I didn’t leave Libya, even when the daily headlines no longer cared about their struggles. I felt the need to stay and help tell the true story.

I’ve also been lucky enough to work alongside incredibly talented peers in my industry who’ve taken me under their wing, offering insightful advice that I carry with me onto the next step. Each adventure yields greater understanding of the power and responsibility of visual media. One of the greatest lesson I’ve taken away is that it is a privilege to be able to create art and I can’t wait to keep producing films that challenge perceptions about our world. ” Rachel - First to Fall

Be sure to check out the trailer for First to Fall in the Presskit above! And keep up with Rachel’s journey at

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Written by Steph Smith

Mar 19


Mar 14

Presskit of the Week: Being Berber

This is the fourth week we’re featuring awesome users that rep their projects and our new theme, Gray Steel, the best! Each week, we ask these talented creators one question: “What Drives You?”

Take a gander at this epic Presskit from Being Berber embedded below and then scroll down to see what drives the band!

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They live in Spain, but synth pop/rock band Being Berber are beginning to live the nomadic life of a touring band, and are telling the stories they uncover along the way in their EP Anthem released this past Fall.

Going together and growing together are the things that Chris from Being Berber puts above all else:

"We’ve all learned to crawl, walk and run in every aspect of our lives. We’ve also learned to stumble, fall and cry but there is always a getting back up. Your story, our story has unfolded as we experienced life shaped by our very interaction with each other. For those who’ve opened up and shared, the discovery has been quite relieving; there was someone else on the same journey ready to let loose the same crowd-resonating chorus with you.

This is enough for me and for all of us I think. Over the past year as we started getting together to compose songs and play our first concerts, I’ve been hearing more and more discouraging notes on the Spanish music industry and how different things work compared to Northern Europe and the States. We’re learning to adapt and remind ourselves that we’ve become great friends in the process. We’ve done road trips together, learned how out of shape we were from simply helping another move flats, staying out til 8am and more. And with all this, realizing that these are friendships with stories that were meant to be told and sung as anthems.

We are a nomadic bunch who love anything that has been vested in synth bass lines and drum machine boogieing. We live in Madrid, Spain and we will continue doing life together. This is what drives us. This is, and will be, enough for us.” Chris - Being Berber

Keep up with what’s going on with Being Berber by checking out their Presskit! Listen to their newest EP Anthem above or purchase it on iTunes or Amazon MP3.

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Written by Steph Smith

Feb 28

Presskit of the Week: Big D & the Kids Table

This is the third week we’re featuring awesome users that rep their projects and our new theme, Gray Steel, the best! Each week, we ask these talented creators one question: “What Drives You?”

Click around the Big D and the Kids Table’s Presskit embedded below and then scroll down to see what drives lead singer, Dave McWane!

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With a nearly twenty year tenure up their sleeves, Big D & the Kids Table have earned their stripes and remain one of the most relevant ska-punk bands in popular culture. They’ve toured with the Vans Warped Tour six times and have now released nine studio albums, the most recent of which was a double album, Stomp and Stroll, released on June 11, 2013. And they aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon with a busy 2014 ahead of them.

Success is sweet, but there’s something bigger that keeps David McWane from Big D so driven:

"What drives me; what inspires me?

I would say there are two angles for this answer with me: Artistry + Society.

With artistry, it is my addiction to music. I believe there are people who want to be in a band and then there are musicians. People who want to be in a band have goals set to achieve success within the music business and if they don’t reach those goals, they have the ability to walk away from music and try something else. Musicians are infected with music so deeply that not even poverty will stop them from creating and playing music. I am a musician: I have an inability to stop.

With society, I would say fear drives me. Many people will work 8 hours a day for someone else. I believe that the fear of spending my life always working for someone else’s dreams to come into fruition is dreadful. I believe if you do have a job that eats up, 8 hours + commute = 10 hours a day, then you have to try your best and spend at least half that on your dreams each day. As an artist you must be productive during your productive years.

All in all, persistence is my gift.” -D

Explore what’s going on with Big D & the Kids Table by checking out the Presskit above!

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Written by Steph Smith

Feb 21

Presskit of the Week: The Horde and the Harem

Better late than never! This is the second week we’re featuring awesome users that we believe are repping their projects and our new theme, Gray Steel, the best! Each week, we ask these talented creators one question: “What Drives You?”

Find our second pick embedded below, and then check out the very bottom of the post to learn how your Presskit can be featured next week!

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Planting roots in the Pacific Northwest, The Horde and the Harem are an indie folk-rock band whose whimsical, upbeat music perfectly matches their mystical, creative music videos. Their debut LP, A Long Midwinter, was released in February 2012, and after being picked up on KEXP’s radar, The Horde and the Harem performed at a number of festivals including Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party and Northwest Folklife. According to their official website, “Throughout the years, the lineup has changed but some things remain constant – devotion to their craft as musicians and a lust for creation. This craft and creation put the Horde back into the studio in the winter of 2013 to make their new EP.”

Inspiration and drive seem to come naturally to this fantastical group of five:

"What really inspires us as musicians to continue moving forward each day with what we do is imperfection and instability. Love and loss. The timbre and colors of music and our dreamworlds.

We live in a fiercely beautiful, dynamic part of the world, and that environment drives our lifestyles and the music we make. The dreary clouds of winter, Lake Union sparkling in the summertime, Mt. Rainier, and a heightened appreciation for vitamin D keep up our fight for the life energy we put into, and receive from, music.

We remain committed to our art in the midst of human imperfection and change. We are a community, friends, and ultimately, a family, and we depend on each other constantly to continue working at our craft.” -Hanna, Ryan and Justin - The Horde and the Harem

The Horde’s next EP, “Fairweather Friends” will be released on April 12th at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA. Make sure to check it out and keep your eyes on their tour schedule for a show! In the meantime, have a listen to A Long Midwinter in the Presskit above or on iTunes, Amazon MP3, or Spotify.

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Written by Steph Smith

Feb 13

What To Expect From The MIDEM Conference

A brief recap and some insight from my first trip to MIDEM


Now in its 47th year, MIDEM continues to be the place where leaders in the global music & entertainment industry meet to conduct business, show off their country’s musical heritage, pitch opportunities they have in their markets, and stay up late for VIP parties and networking at the Majestic Barriere or Carlton.



It’s different than any other industry festival I have attended; everything takes place in the Palais de Festivals during the day and is then split between two hotel bars at night with shows sprinkled in between. It isn’t crowded like 6th Street in March or spread across a giant city in October; it’s nestled in the small French Riviera town of Cannes. You can develop strong relationships with other conference goers and find time to squeeze in a demo or impromptu meeting, a crucial opportunity to get things done and take advantage of the time you have here.



Not only is MIDEM a great place for developing actionable relationships, its attendees represent the world’s vast music markets. Sponsorship managers from brands like VW & Red Bull, music supervisors from Bollywood, record label heads, marketing execs, distributors, innovators, and non-profits looking to promote their talent to a global market, are all there. It was an awesome experience and really excited me on the prospects of working with more artists and companies outside of the States.



I was fortunate to attend this years MIDEM as an official speaker after years of failed attempts due to timing & budgetary concerns (afterall, we are a startup). Through sheer luck, I was invited by our friend Marcus Taylor of Venture Harbour and the fine folks at MIDEM to give an hour-long lecture at Midem Academy.

“Midem Academy provides you with concrete and practical skills through courses on entrepreneurship, new business models and marketing to truly help you accelerate your career and boost your business.”

I chose to host a talk called “It’s Not All About Likes - Effective B2B Communication in a Direct-To-Fan Economy” which touched on the importance of improving the communication streams between artists and decision makers, brand managers, sponsors, agents, publishers, the media, and the like. In today’s social media world, it’s crucial to keep up on ways of better communicating your art to those who can move it forward, and we at are committed to helping talent and their representatives do just that - move their careers forward. We plan to share a recording of my talk in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!



I saw incredible speakers, workshops, panels, and startups pitching their ideas for new revenue streams in the industry. It was an honor to be in attendance and on top of that, be an official speaker. I highly encourage this conference to anyone seriously looking to build or maintain a sustainable career in the music industry. The festival producers and staff were incredible. Everything ran super smoothly, and I’m looking forward to attending and (hopefully) speaking at it again in 2015.



In a nutshell, MIDEM is:


Advice for 1st timers:

If you have any questions or would like to share your own experience at MIDEM let us know in the comments below!

Written by Ben!

Feb 07

Presskit of the Week: The Field Effect

Starting today, we’ll be featuring awesome users that we believe are repping their projects and our new theme, Gray Steel, the best! Each week, we’ll ask these talented creators one question: “What Drives You?”

Find our first pick embedded below, and then check out the very bottom of the post to learn how your Presskit can be featured next week!

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This Boston band has only been around since 2011 but they’ve already released an album, performed at SXSW, and won Song of the Year at the Boston Music Awards for their single “Ogunquit, ME.”

It requires a certain kind of drive to pump out such catchy tunes. Here’s Doug Orey (Vocals/Guitar) on what drives him:

"Not long ago after one of our sets a girl came up to me at the merch table and told me that she had just moved to Boston from Montana. She went on to tell me she left someone special behind when making the move and when she heard us play "Dancing With Earthquakes" that night it moved her to the point of tears.

That little exchange made every long rehearsal, every late night drive home, every not so great show, each callus on my fingers and every other little thing worth it. It reminded me why I ever picked up a guitar in the first place.

Music is a cool thing and that raw emotional connection you can create with a total stranger is was drives me.” Doug Orey - The Field Effect

Check out their debut album, “Cartography” available everywhere! iTunes Amazon Spotify

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Written by Steph Smith

Jan 20

Beats Music to Launch on January 21st

On January 21st, the already crowded world of music streaming will be bursting at the seams with the launch of Beats Music, a premium streaming service brought to you by Interscope chief Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Luke Wood, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Ian Rogers, and other major players in the music industry. With about 20 million songs lined up in its archive, Beats Music is right on par with top competitor Spotify. However, there are some differences that could make or break the newcomer.

Unlike Spotify, Beats Music will not have a free option for its service. They’ll offer a 7-day free trial and then apply a monthly fee of $9.99. This could seriously limit the amount of users, but according to their press release, Beats Music pledges to bring, “an unparalleled personalized and curated listening experience that answers two important questions: ‘What should I listen to?’ and “what song comes next?’”

The clear focus that Beats Music is pushing is the pure superiority of their playlists. “Beats Music combines the emotion only a human created playlist can give you with the best personalization technology can deliver, ” said Ian Rogers, Beats Music CEO. “With this you get not just the music experience only a talented DJ or music expert can deliver, but also the right one for you right now.”

EmuBands, the low-cost digital music distribution service that allows artists and record labels to get their music on the world’s leading digital retailers like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and many others, for just a simple, one-time fee, will soon be adding Beats Music to their repertoire. EmuBands Founder & CEO, Ally Gray shared his thoughts on Beats Music with us in a quick interview below.

“It looks to be a good service – they are placing a lot of importance on human recommendations, along with some nice technology like the ‘Right Now’ feature – it’ll be interesting to see how it works in reality. I think their success could come down to their marketing – for example, the human-curated playlists are possible on other streaming services – you can ‘follow’ a DJ / curator whom you trust on Spotify, and therefore get personal recommendations that way. Spotify also have their ‘Discover’ feature, and Deezer have their ‘Hear This’ feature, allowing fans to discover new music. But, whilst Spotify have had to battle on behalf of the streaming industry against some high-profile attacks, like the one from Thom Yorke, Beats Music seem to be focusing their marketing efforts on some of the specific features within their offering and comparing themselves to other services. With another great streaming service out there, I think it can only benefit the music fan as each service seeks to continue evolving and improving.”

Beats’ marketing efforts have been notably robust. With the hashtag “#ClaimYourName” Beats Music has been peaking the interest of fans from every genre as nationally known bands and artists, as well as other celebrities, are showing their support through the Beats Music YouTube channel.

Unique to any other service out there, Beats Music is also offering an exclusive deal through a partnership with AT&T. With a family plan of up to 5 members and 10 devices, the service will be available for $14.99/month. They will also receive an extended 90-day free trial.

After all the marketing fluff and partnerships, the real question is if Beats Music will survive in this realm. Ally from EmuBands offers some wise closing remarks:

“I’m sure the Beats Music team will have done their research, and wouldn’t be launching if they didn’t think they could survive. But, ultimately it will be down to the music fan – if they think Beats Music’s service is worth migrating to from another service, or if it entices new customers into the streaming space, then it can survive – if it can’t do this, then it won’t survive. I do think people will like the personal recommendation features, and I think digital music services are going down that route in general…the question is, can technology ever replace a DJ, and if so, who is going to develop the best technology to do so?”

If you have a new project coming out and would like to distribute to Beats Music, iTunes, Spotify, and more, check out our partnership with EmuBands to get a 15% discount. And if you already distribute through EmuBands, you may opt in to Beats Music for free.

Written by Steph Smith

Jan 14

Recent Updates to Our Plans & Pricing

We hope you had an awesome holiday and New Year! You’ve probably noticed that things have been a bit quiet around the camp over the last two months. That’s only because we’ve been catching up on some final updates before we were ready to formally announce a few exciting bits of news!

First off, if you visited the blog within the last month or so you may recall our blog post announcing the soft launch of our brand new Presskit theme, Gray Steel. Well, we’re very excited to OFFICIALLY announce that Gray Steel is available to everyone!! You can read more on the Gray Steel page and the blog post, but if you’re on the Classic, SOLO, INDIE, PRO or PREMIER plan you can now switch your Presskits over to the brand new, shiny, beautiful, mobile-friendly, super embeddable, Gray Steel theme. You might even catch a glimpse of our friend Derek Zoolander while you’re at it!

In that same blog post we also mentioned that we were changing up our pricing plans slightly. The shuffle came when we launched our new business networks, which we refer to as for Business.

I wanted to take this opportunity to outline the changes in a bit more detail and reassure you that we’re committed to making as affordable as possible while providing real value so that we can charge enough to stay in business! Our guarantee to you is that we will always have our free Starter plan and that we will never raise the price of the plan that you are currently subscribed to. Basically, as long as you stay subscribed to your current plan you will not pay more if we increase the price of that plan level. You’ll be grandfathered into the original price that you signed up for.

On that note, below we’ve put together some additional info on the new plans and pricing as well as links to the complete feature descriptions. for Creators: Perfect for individual artists with 1 to 3 projects.

We’ve introduced two new plans under the new for Creators category. These are the SOLO and INDIE plans. We listened to your feedback and we now offer one full-featured Presskit so you can get the most of without needing to sign up for an account that allows you to build multiple Presskits. Our new INDIE allows you to create 3 full-featured Presskits and unlocks access to our growing partner network and our Presskit101 service, which we’re currently in the process of revamping. More info on Presskit101 to follow!

The free Starter plan will always be available so you can try out to see if it’s right for you. We also offer a 30-day free trial on all of our paid plans. Just as a note though, Gray Steel isn’t available on the normal Starter plan. To unlock Gray Steel you can either upgrade to SOLO or INDIE or purchase a license for a one time $5 fee which allows you to use Gray Steel with your Starter plan. More info on the one-time fee can be found at the bottom of the Gray Steel page.

View our Creator plans here! for Business: Designed for teams.

We’re also extremely excited about our new for Business plans which we launched with Caroline Music last fall. We currently have two pre-set options for entertainment companies, agencies, and labels. We’re here to work with you to build whatever plan you need to help you manage all of the media, information and assets for your clients so we’re happy to create a custom plan to fit the needs of your company. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to email us at!


With for Business, companies can build as many electronic press kits as they need, and:

View our Business plans here!


Written by Chris

Jan 13

Announcing An All New Presskit Theme: Gray Steel!

A quick message from Ben

To our amazing users!

It has been a little over a year since we released into public beta and we couldn’t be happier with how far we’ve come in such a short time. With your help, we have grown to over 4,000 creative users who are building & distributing Presskits to promote their initiatives. We’re also working with some really top level names in the industry, from chart-topping artists like Karmin, to fine arts institutions like Berklee College of Music and label service legends Caroline Distribution (UMG). My team and I have heard some incredible success stories of how our ‘kits have helped users get professional representation, press or blog coverage, sponsorships, gigs, jobs, scholarships and new customers, and it’s an honor to have played a role in these developments.

One of the coolest things we’ve discovered is that musicians aren’t the only creators using; Actors, comedians, producers, directors, authors, voice-over artists, public speakers, app developers, and even street performing contortionists are building ‘kits to promote their creative talents. I’ve already been a professional carnie, musician, tour manager, marketing director, label exec., session player, and now - an aspiring tech entrepreneur. It makes perfect sense for us to create a tool that caters to the greater Creator community, which is why I’m extremely excited to announce our new theme that we’re calling “Gray Steel”. It’s a little more gray than blue, but it’s still really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Doug, our fearless CTO and our Dev Wizard, Mr. Steve Callan have been working their butts off on this new look and functionality after numerous discussions we had with musicians, actors, directors, and publicists looking to have a “Media Spotlight” section at the top of each ‘kit. This addition allows actors to put their reel front & center without making people go to the videos section of the media tab to view it, or for musicians to highlight a new track or video.

Introducing Gray Steel

Gray Steel brings many slick layout changes to the Presskit that you can see first hand on Gentlemen Hall’s Presskit embedded below. SAY WHAT?! A fully-functional Presskit embedded into a blog post? Hot damn. That’s kinda cool…

You can embed your Presskit too and it’ll look just as awesome!


Switching your Presskit to Gray Steel

As we roll out the new theme it will be included with all Classic or paid plans (SOLO, INDIE, PRO, PREMIER, etc.) but we’re also offering it to Starter users for a limited time for a one-time purchase of $5 because we really think everyone should use it!

Learn more about all of our new plans in this blog post and learn more about the theme and how to purchase the one time upgrade on our Gray Steel page.


Exciting New Features

Along with releasing Gray Steel, we snuck in a few new features that have been some of our most requested yet. You can read more about them and watch quick little videos on the Gray Steel page, but we’re excited to give you personalized background images for each of your Presskits, "Wimages", which allow you to accompany your Wins with press clippings and related artwork, and most importantly a new Media Spotlight section so you can easily call attention to your newest or most important song (or playlist), video or image. We’ve also added a ton of new link icons for services that you’ve requested.

Thank You!

Thank you all for being with us as we continue to grow and develop tools to help advance your career. We care deeply about helping artists of all disciplines find ways to build sustainable careers in the arts, and we couldn’t do it without you and your feedback. Please let us know what you think of our service and request the new theme when you have a second. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Make it happen!

Oct 30

THE EPK Management Solution for Creative Business

It’s a new day here at After just over a year of offering one of the best electronic press kit platforms available to musicians and other creative professionals, we’re evolving the product to serve not just individual artists, but the music labels, talent agencies, PR firms and other companies catering to them.

The result is what we call for Business, a talent asset management solution designed to centralize the creation, organization, management and distribution of EPK’s and other promotional assets across an entire talent roster. It’s a fully complementary service to’s current offering for individuals, and will now be referred to as the company’s flagship product. And here’s why…

We Saw A Problem

The use and popularity of EPKs have grown faster than the ability to manage them. This is particularly true for music labels, management agencies, and other companies catering to multiple creative professionals. They have multiple artists, with multiple assets, being managed by multiple departments and staffers. The result is a fragmented and chaotic state of affairs which we aim to solve.

How We Solved It

While the larger major labels might have an antiquated, proprietary system in-house for managing all this, smaller independent distributors, labels, or management firms typically rely on email, Dropbox, and Facebook. This is what for Business addresses. It gives managers, marketing staff, and others responsible for promoting talent the tools to centralize these assets into one system, resulting in better communication, quicker approvals, and more efficient promotion of their artists.

With for Business, companies of all sizes can build as many electronic press kits as they need, and:

Additionally, accounts can be aggregated into a network so affiliated partners can all share different levels of access without needing to share login information. For example, a music distribution company with multiple label partners can use a single login to access the assets of all affiliated labels, while each individual label retains their own private login, permissions, and access. We expect there are to be applications of this for other entertainment verticals as well.

Dine Alone Records’ dashboard & Network branded Presskit

A Music Company Use Case

For instance, let’s say a music distribution company has signed a legacy act who just left their label deal. This agency is charged with distributing and promoting new music from this act, but there are several challenges in doing so. First, the lineup has changed over the years. There are multiple bios for the band, outdated promotional shots, a mashup of official and unofficial social media profiles, and all kinds of YouTube videos and SoundCloud streams scattered across the Internet. Second, charged with pulling all this together are multiple divisions within the new distribution company. There’s the digital marketing group, the radio promotion group, the retail and product management group, the tour marketing group, and consumer press/publicity. All need to work from the same collection of assets approved for use, but in many cases have little exposure to the activities of the other, so there’s always a concern that one group is working with different assets than the other.

Launching with Caroline Music

As proof of the need, we’re pleased to announce that Caroline Distribution, one of the largest independent music distribution companies in the world, as our launch client. They’re not only using to create EPKs for all their distributed labels, they’re using for Business as the talent asset management system on the backend. It’s an honor to be working with them and we’re looking forward to seeing the long term results of them using our system.
A Caroline Distribution branded Presskit

One of the more interesting things about the Internet is that for every problem it solves, another is created. It’s why so many startups have emerged to “disrupt” this industry or that; and it’s why each disruption inevitably leads to the need for another solution. EPKs disrupted the process of artist promotion, and in doing so created the need to bring order to the decentralized environment that resulted. We feel we created the best, most sophisticated cross-platform EPK platform available in for Business is the next logical step.

Make it happen!


To learn more about for Business and how it can help your company or to ask any questions, please contact Aidan Rush at or by phone at (303) 638 9450.

Sep 17

Say Hi to SoundCloud Sets, Albums, the Pk Partner Network & more!

Wait, where’d summer go? We’ve had our heads down since May and it looks like we missed a beach day or two… On the bright side, we’ve made some exciting progress and continue to improve on the reg.

Over the last few weeks we’ve quietly released some improvements that definitely deserve some excitement! On the heels of our Facebook app and Songkick integration, this release makes it much easier to manage the media in your Presskits. We’ve also been busy laying the foundation of our Partner Network which we announced yesterday.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I want to publicly welcome the amazing Steve Callan who officially joined our team back in May. He’s been involved with since the beginning, but we’re extremely excited to now have him on board in a greater capacity.


What’s new in v1.3…


+ Add SoundCloud Sets to Your Presskits

This has been one of our most requested updates. You can now add entire SoundCloud sets to your Presskit! Just head over to your Presskit’s control panel, click the Connect with SoundCloud button and you’ll be able to add any of the sets that you’ve previously created on SoundCloud.

Not sure what a set is? No problem! Click the ‘Learn more’ link below to check out our new SoundCloud tutorial that covers everything you need to know.

Learn more


+ Create Albums For Your Images

Create specific albums for press photos, live shots, album artwork, and press clippings. We let you choose the name & thumbnail and you can organize them however you like.

This feature is currently available for Classic & PRO users.

Learn more


+ Import Images from a URL  Learn more

Adding images to your Presskit is now as easy as copying & pasting a URL. Whether you host your hi-res images on flickr or a clumsy FTP (yuck…), you can now paste the URL into your Presskit, give your image a title & description and we’ll handle it from there. Your image is then transferred over to our secure media server and will be preserved in full resolution for future downloads.


+ Download Images from Thumbnail or Image Viewer

We’ve made it much easier to download images from your Presskit with a dedicated download button on the thumbnail and inside the image viewer. Just click the button and the app will start the download process. The functionality works a little differently depending on the device you’re using but we’ve outlined the process below.


+ Download a PDF Bio, One Sheet, or Resumé From Your Bio

It’s now extremely easy for people to download a PDF version of your bio, one sheet or resumé right from the Biography section of your Presskit. Just upload a PDF file in the Files section and check the “Allow download from Bio” box.

This feature is currently available for Classic & PRO users.

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+ More Calendar Updates  Learn more

We’ve made a few improvements to the calendar UI. In addition to a new event address section you can now select the type of event you’re adding in order to clearly show what kind of event it is.


+ Chat with a real, live Pk team member from ANYWHERE

We’ve had live chat on the homepage for quite a while, but now you can ask us questions from anywhere on the site, including the dashboard and our new help docs. Whether you have a question about a feature, need to report a bug, or just want to say hey, we’re only a click away now. Our team should always be online from 9am to 6pm Eastern, Monday through Friday but you’ll probably catch us online more often than not.

We’ve also been adding a bunch of tutorials and quick tips to the control panel. Keep your eyes peeled for the (?) and Learn more links while editing your Presskit.


+ Changelog in your Dashboard

We’ve made it easier to follow along with updates to Just click the ‘What’s New?’ link at the bottom of the dashboard to stay up-to-date with all of our feature releases, updates and bug fixes.


+ Misc. Bug Fixes & Improvements

As always, we love feedback. We have a pretty good idea of what features are needed to make the standard in press kit and portfolio management for creative professionals, but your input is the most important part. If there’s a feature you can’t live without or an update to a current feature that you’ve been thinking about, please let us know on our community board or hit us up on chat.

Until next time!


Written by Steph Smith

Sep 13

The Pk Partner Network Featuring EmuBands!

Building a sustainable career in the music & entertainment industry means collaborating with a lot of great people, partnering with like-minded companies, brands, and opportunities to elevate your efforts, and finding ways to save money while doing so.

This hits close to home for all of us at, so we decided to reach out to some friends to launch the Pk Partner Network! This is just the beginning of what will grow into a thriving network of offerings that add additional value and awareness around your projects.

All of our partners are hand-picked to make sure we’re offering legitimate opportunities that aren’t taking advantage of artists. That’s why we’re so happy to announce our first official service partner, EmuBands!


About the EmuBands Partnership

EmuBands, based in Glasgow, Scotland, provides independent labels and bands with a simple-to-use, affordable digital music distribution service. For a one-time fee they’ll service your audio and video releases to pretty much every major digital retailer, like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Rdio and many others. Say goodbye to per-sale fees and recurring annual fees! They offer a tremendous service to artists for distributing their music, and are offering all PRO & Classic users a 15% discount on the distribution fee!!

Likewise, all EmuBands customers can get a 15% discount on a PRO account. Click the button below to learn more & to get your discount code. If you have any questions about the deal or anything else be sure to send an email to!