Jul 29

NEW FEATURE: Hide your Presskit from Search Engines

Search engines are a powerful and easy tool to help connect your fans with your Presskit. However, if your Presskit contains information that is not ready to be released, like an upcoming album or tour, having your ‘kit show up in Google searches would not be ideal. With this in mind, we’ve now made it possible for you to hide your Presskit from search engines.

How To: Hiding a New Presskit

If you are creating a brand new Presskit, you can prevent your Presskit from showing up in search engines by going to your Presskit’s Settings in the control panel and checking the box that says, “Hide from Search Engines”.
This will allow people to only view the Presskit if they visit the specific URL for that ‘kit. Make sure to do this immediately upon creating your Presskit.
Pro Tip: Search engines take a day or two to process a newly indexed link and if you wait too long to check this box, your Presskit may show up in search results.

How To: Hiding an Existing Presskit

If you have an existing Presskit that has already been indexed by Google or Bing you’ll want to check the same “Hide from Search Engines” check box and then send an email to us at so that we can manually remove your URL from both search engines.
As always, if you need to completely remove your Presskit from the web for any period of time, you can set your Presskit to ‘Inactive’. You will see this image if you enter the URL:
At any point, you can make your Presskit active again by changing the status in the Settings. If you have any questions, reach out to us at

Jun 27

VIDEO: Rob Potylo talks with

Our CEO Ben sat down with Boston creative renaissance man, Rob Potylo for the third of our monthly features.

(Read the Quiet Desperation weekly feature along with other Gray Steel weekly picks on the Blog.)

Below, Rob talks about his experience in the Boston music scene, filming season five of Quiet Desperation, his new show on WEMF Radio, and the artist & musician community he represents.

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Written by Steph Smith

Jun 20

Presskit of the Week: Grey Season

We’re featuring awesome users that we believe are repping their projects and our new theme, Gray Steel, the best! Each week, we ask these talented creators one question: “What Drives You?”

This week, we’ve chosen Green Line Records band, Grey Season.

Grey Season is a folk-rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that already accomplished a wild dream in their three years of playing together. After being approached by Grammy-Award winning producer, Benny Grotto after a show one night, Grey Season successfully raised over $13,000 to record their first full-length album at Levon Helm Studios, also known as The Barn, in Woodstock NY. The album, Time Will Tell You Well, is available now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Spotify You can also stream the single, “Satellites” in their Presskit embedded below.

What drives Grey Season?:

"The desire to bring joy and a feeling of togetherness to the people listening. When playing a show there is no greater feeling than looking into the audience and seeing a crowd of beaming, smiling, happy people. We strive to create moments when we play that are both communal and personal at the same time. We’re looking to create an environment where everyone in the same room is in sync with each other. All hearts beating together, all bodies swaying in time, all souls inexorably linked. These moments of connecting not only with each person as an individual but to everyone there as a group is what live music is all about. We seek to create both deeply personal and intensely communal feelings for all members of the audience. All you have to do to join in is listen."

Grey Season

Find the Presskit for Grey Season embedded below, and then check out the very bottom of the post to learn how your Presskit can be featured next week!

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Written by Steph Smith

Jun 09

Presskit of the Week: Boston TechJam

What is Boston TechJam?

Simply put, Boston TechJam is a grassroots festival put on by people who all work at tech start-ups in Boston who want to show off and share the fact that they aren’t just coders or techies.

It began just over a year ego from the creative minds of Christine Nolan, Mark Lorion, and David Patrick from Apperian. Together, they planned to create a space where the tech community could celebrate and grow their community together, while having an awesome time outdoors on a beautiful spring day. They reached out to CEO Ben Maitland-Lewis to put the final cherry on top and bring some amazing entertainment to the day.

TechJam isn’t just an awesome party with companies playing games like flip cup, skeeball, and having an overall great time hanging out and connecting at their booths. With help from Ben, it is also a full-on music festival with killer bands representing Boston and the creative cultures within start-ups through their musicianship, and all of which have at least one member employed at a Boston-based tech company.

Last year’s inaugural TechJam was held at District Hall Plaza at the Boston Seaport. This year, Boston TechJam will be held at City Hall Plaza, and Mayor Marty Walsh will be taking the stage to speak to the great work that Boston tech companies have done to put Boston on the map.

Find the Presskit for Boston TechJam embedded below! The festival will be happening on June 12 at City Hall Plaza from 4pm-9pm.

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Written by Steph Smith and Ben Maitland-Lewis